XAMPP Apache problem

I have XP. Xampp is installed & it was working perfectly with NetBeans. Then I added Wordpress & it worked ok, but now Xampp doesn't run with my PHP project.

Here is my normal process:

First I stop IIS. Then I open Xampp. I click the mySql Start button & the green "Running" button appears. I click on the Apache Start button & in a few seconds the green "Running" button appears.

Today, after clicking on the Apache Start button I don't get the green "Running" button.

I don't recall making any critical changes to xampp files when I put wordpress into the htdocs folder. But I'm stumped & need help.

Thank you.
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InsoftserviceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what error log is showing.
You have a batch file to know regarding port running on ur m/c
or u can download the port check script freely available on net, it was present in older version of xampp.
If any port is running on ur script please stop tht and run.
basic mistake done by developer is they change httpd.conf file without having its complete knowledge. if u have changed it revert with back up copy if u have.
check have u install some new software like skype.
LezlyPrimeAuthor Commented:
I did have a backup of my config file & swapped it out. It didn't fix the problem, though.

I uninstalled xampp & re-installed it. The newer version told me that Skype was taking port 80. Yeah, I installed Skype since I last used xampp & totally forgot about it. ~blush.

The new version is nice!
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