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Import a video into Flash CS5 for Flash 6 Playback?

azlumiere asked
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Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Hey Flash Gurus!

I need to import a video file into my flash project. I'm using Flash CS5. I have both .mov and .flv file formats (if it matters) for my video. I need to publish my final SWF file for Flash 6 !!! Whenever I import a video into Flash it creates an error when I try to compile it for Flash 6. It tells me that it will only be compatible for Flash 8.

"WARNING: This movie uses features that are not supported in the Flash 6 player
Symbol=video-name.flv, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:VP6 Codec requires Flash Player 8 or higher"

Does anyone out there, know any way around this? I have Adobe Media Encoder, so I could possibly convert my .mov file in some magical way, if I knew how, or which other Codec to use.

I have Flash CS4 on a second machine, which has allowed me to import videos compatible with Flash 6 in the past, but when I try to save the FLA file in question as CS4 and open it on my other machine, I get a "Unexpected File Format" error.

Any help would be SO appreciated!!! :)
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If your system with CS4 on will do what you want, then you can try a 'File > Save as..' and click the 'Save as type' part of the save dialog and tell it to save as Flash CS4 format. That will then allow your CS4 machine to open the file.


Hi Gabriologist,

I actually tried that....three times... I can "Save As" in CS5 on my Mac, but when I roll over to my PC with Flash CS4 and try to open the file I get the "Unexpected file format". I really did try to resave three different times, with different file names and this continues to happen.

I HAVE gotten this method to work in the past, saving as, that is. But I'm not sure if there is something funky in my .FLA that is causing it to get corrupt, or what. When I try to reopen the CS4 files on my CS5 Mac, they open just fine. So they aren't completely corrupt. Just don't open on the PC.

I was really hoping to do it that way!! But, since that is happening, I thought maybe I could just figure out a new way to encode the video, but searching online hasn't given me any luck.

I'm truly at a loss.
Here's what I would try.

According to the content at http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/kb/supported-codecs-flash-player.html Flash player 6 supports the Sorenson Spark codec (which I think was the very first video format that Flash supported).

So you should be able to re-encode your mov or .flv in Adobe Media Encoder (I would use whichever has the higher filesize which should correspond to the best quality of the two) as an flv, but using the Sorenson Spark codec.

If you add the video to the Media Encoder queue, choose 'F4V / FLV' as the format, then click the 'Settings' button, and under the  Video tab, choose the Sorenson Spark codec, and encode the video.

I've tried this and targetted the Flash 6 Player in Flash's Publish settings, embedded the flv in the timeline of the video, and the swf played the video. (I am on PC and Flash CS4)


Excellent. I'm going to give this a try now. I also had one other idea that came up after your last post. I use a file server to share files...I'm going to try and get the file to the PC in another way, and see if something has to do with that....So I'll try both methods.

I really appreciate your help and time! I'll report back shortly...


Shoot. Now I remember my problem. When I try to use the settings option, the only presets I have access to say Flash 8 or higher. I just found this page online:


It says this:
"When you target specific versions of Adobe Flash Player, the F4V and H.264 formats can be viewed only in Flash Player 9.0.115 or later. The On2 VP6 codec is used for FLV files targeting Flash Player 8 and later. The Sorensen Spark codec is used for FLV files targeting Flash Player 7.

Note: Although the Sorenson Spark codec has been removed from Adobe Media Encoder CS5, FLV video encoded with the Spark codec can still be viewed in Adobe Flash Player and imported to the Stage in Flash Professional."

I'm going to keep working on this...


I just imported the video into a blank document from the PC and CS4, and will try to bring it over to the Mac/CS5 and see if this works!


Well, I got it. Here's how:

Opened a blank document in CS4
Imported .MOV using Sorensen Spark codec like you mentioned
Saved the file
Opened the file on my Mac with CS5
Opened my actual document that I wanted the video in
Changed libraries and dragged in the CS4 video file into my CS5 document
Set publish setting in CS5 document to Flash 6 player

Gabriologist, thanks for your help! I'm awarding you the points for your time, and inspiration! :)

What a pain.


Thank you for your time!!
Cool - pleased you have a solution.

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