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Exchange Migration SBS2003 to 11 slow

I'm migrating my SBS2003 to SBS2011, following the MS doc, and I got to the step to move the public folders. Went through the steps and it seems to be going, but very slowly. The problem is that source server seems to be crawling, even hitting start/programs takes 30 seconds for each program group to show. Memory looks good (server has 4gb, and Task Mgr shows about 1.6GB Available) and CPU usage stays below 5%.  (I notice that Store.exe is taking up about 800MB of memory).  I'm getting notice emails (detailed below) about disk low idle time and I see under Perfmon that the Avg. Disk Queue Length is consistently maxed (at the top of the bar graph). This all started when I started moving the public folders, so I'm sure that's the cause, I just was hoping I could remedy the disk issues to expedite the process. I didn't want to go end-task'ing because I don't know what processes are being used for the migration. Also, I don't see any status for the process that shows 'percent complete' either on the source or dest. server. The only way I know it's progressing is that I see the public EDB file growing on the destination server at a rate of about .5GB/hr (I saw elsewhere someone suggested that 3GB/hr is about par)

12 Users
4GB ram
Pub1.edb = 55GB
Priv.edb= 10gb
Raid 1 w/ 2 partitions (OS & DATA)

Got this one twice:
The following disk has low idle time, which may cause slow response time when reading or writing files to the disk. Disk: 0 C: D:
Review the Disk Transfers/sec and % Idle Time counters for the PhysicalDisk performance object. If the Disk Transfers/sec counter is consistently below 150 while the % Idle Time counter remains very low (close to 0), there may be a problem with the disk driver or hardware.
And this one once:
The inetinfo.exe process is allocating more memory than usual. The following services are hosted by this process: IISAdmin, POP3SVC, RESVC, and SMTPSVC.
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1 Solution
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
We have a great guide for the Microsoft migration process here:


The Public Folder move can take 24 hours or more depending on the amount of content in them.

Note the Public Folder steps in the Guide that help to accelerate the process as well as the PS commands that can be run on the destination to track the process.

msatterleeAuthor Commented:
I couldn't get the PS commands to work.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
You need to right click and Run As Administrator on the Exchange PS Console. If not they will not run.

We have no issues with any of the PowerShell commands to watch the content moving over.


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