Backupexec v10 r2 backup path on blade with sas

Would like to know the backup path, for a group of blades take to a tape drive connected to the blade chassis through sas. It also has a network cable, which I am assuming is for management.

Please advice how data from the blades will travel to the tape drive ibm ts3100.

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SAS CIOv are added to blades, SAS connectivity module is added to bay 3 and the tape connected to that. does not mention tape though. ( mentions tape though so may be supported)

As far as Backup Exec is concerned it's quite expensive, you need BE server license for each blade that connects to the library, Shared Storage Option for each to stop them fighting over who owns the library, and generally Central Admin Server Option as well to manage it.  You may be able to partition the library into multiple logical libraries instead.

Generally cheaper to have an external server as a backup server, install an agent on each blade and possibly add extra LAN connectivity to the blades/enclosure.
What blades/enclosure are you using?
ToshkyAuthor Commented:
IBM Blade Center H series using H22 blades
ToshkyAuthor Commented:
Made me understand the concepts...thanks..
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