Text Range References in Chart SERIES Formula

I have a scatter chart for which I want to use text range references (e.g., $AC$30:$AF$58) as the x-value and y-value ranges in the chart's SERIES formula.  Said another way, I have text strings in cells that I want to use as the x and y values for the chart's SERIES formula.  I can't for the life of me figure out the syntax to make this work.

In the attached file I want to use the "X-VALUES:" and "Y-VALUES:" "built-up" range text as the x and y values, respectively, for the chart's SERIES formula.

Anyboby know how this can be done?


Bill Vallance
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1) Using Formula > Named ranges add two ranges using the Indirect formula

Then on the chart data

2) edit the range and delete the range (but not sheet part of the formula) press F3, select the named range.

See attached return...
bvallancAuthor Commented:

Your solution worked perfectly!  Thanks for the quick response.

Bill Vallance
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