Terminal Services Broker Farm and Roaming Profiles

Are roaming profiles required for a 2008 R2 TS Broker farm.  I don't see how they couldn't be as the broker moves user sessions between TS servers as part of the load balancing.  If not there would be a user profile on each TS server for every TS user.  Hardly any of the documentation I've read had roaming profiles as a requirement.  Am i missing something?

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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
As said above, it is the best practice to have a roaming profile. The big advantage with this is to provide your users with a 'fixed' unchangeable preferences regardless on which TS server he/she lands.

Other profile types can be managed on a TS (currently RDS) especially if you have certain folders redirected for your users including your Apps Data, 'My Documents', and the 'Desktop'. Although feasible, users will often face issues regarding loss of preferences or even configuration of their application settings.
Casey WeaverConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerCommented:
It is not a requirement, but it is best practice to use roaming profiles. I highly recommend you use them or you could have users getting possibly different experiences as your infrastructure grows.

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