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Restore only Domain Controller with Backup Exec 2010 R3

We had a Windows 2003 R2 domain controller which died at one of our offices, it was the only domain controller there.  Luckily we had just connected a LT05 tape drive in conjunction with backup exec 12.5 and the last backup was successful.  The issue was with a bad RAID card losing the array information.  We have sent out another server to replace it instead of trying to troubleshoot the issue any longer which we have done already (firmware/bios updates to the card and a new RAID card.)

We will connect the new server and pull the tape drive and sas card out of the bad server then connect it the new one.  I have configured the new server with a fresh Windows 2003 Server install and given it the same name and IP of the bad server.

I'm not sure about the restore options with Backup Exec (I will be using 2010 R3) for this type of recovery.  I use it all the time for backing up and restoring files but never a full server restore.  I suppose its more complicated because there was only 1 server which held all the FSMO roles as well.  Any help would be hugely appreciated about what the best steps are.
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Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications Specialist

You should be able to restore it to a workstation machine and see.

If you get issues, then at least you have some time to research before the new server comes in.
You should restore the Complete System Drive and System State. Be carefull of install the same OS version.

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