ProcessBuilder memory leak problem.

ProcessBuilder pb = null;
            Process proc = null;
            try {

                  pb = new ProcessBuilder("cmd", "/c", "ping");
                       proc = pb.redirectErrorStream(true).start();
   ******// the problem just above. Whenever calling 'pb.redirectErrorStream(true).start();' using memory goes up..
So ultimately my program is shutting down abruptely.

How can I solve this out??
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Is that actually your goal? Bear in mind that might possibly give you a false positive if your real goal involves connecting to an address on the Web (say)
You need to consume the output stream of the process properly in a separate thread. Study this carefully:

What's the goal of that code btw?
gamjaradioAuthor Commented:
I want to ping an gateway to know my network is alive, which will be checked periodically.
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