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Pivot Table excel 2010

I want to create a pivot table in excel 2010.

Currently i have the pivot table, i have a reference number, and then 4 columns of data.

I want to be able to click the + beside my reference number, and then see all the fields from that reference number, and then when the + isnt clicked i want to see the subtotals.

Is this possible? At the moment all i can see is the subtotals.
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the idea of the pivot table is that it summarises data with the same properties. If you don't want to do that, then maybe grouping on the sorted source table is more appropriate.

See attached.

Can you post a small data sample with dummy data that reflects the structure of your source table?

cheers, teylyn


Here is a sample. I know i can do this using subtotals, but it takes around 8 hours on my laptop to process it, and any time i change anything it takes ages to update, which is why i am trying it on a pivot table.

I can get the pivot table set up to show the subtotals, and if i double click 1 of them it will show me the drill down values in a seperate sheet, but i really need them in the same sheet.
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That must be one heck of a big workbook.

Tom Urtis wrote some code a few years ago in this thread

I've plugged the code into your sample file.

When you double click a cell in the pivot table, the data drill-down will appear underneath the pivot table. Double click a cell in this drill down table to make it disappear again.

That's the best I can think of. Pivot tables are not designed to drill down to the item level in side the pivot.

cheers,  teylyn

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