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SBS 2003 logon problem

pcmwales asked
Hello, I have a client with an SBS 2003 server, the hard drive was flagging up ocasional errors and was a bit small anyway so this weekend I changed all 3 hard drives (RAID 5 array). Set up a new array, restored the C drive and data drives from a Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery backup. I used the C drive backup from a few weeks ago and the latest data drive backup. All went very well, seemed to be running fine.
When I took it back to site today, it runs fine but the clients refuse to log on to it. Bizarrely, if I strat up a client without the network plugged in and log in offline then plug in the network, it synchronises and all works great, but if you log off and back on, it won't accept the login / password. Any ideas please?
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You need to rejoin the client computers to the network. It will be a pain to rejoin them. You need to do this manually.

1. Log in (without the ethernetcable, otherwise he won't log in)
2. Change the computersettings ==> set the computer to a workgroup.
3. Reboot the computer
4. Log in
5. Plug in the ethernetcable
6. Change the computersettings ==> set the computer to the domain.
7. Fill in the administrator credentials when he ask for it.
8. Reboot the computer

The computer is now rejoined and he will log-in like before.
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I would first make sure the client PC's point ONLY to the SBS for DNS. If so and still having problems then as Xaelian  suggested, try at least with one machine rejoining the domain as a test.  Where this is SBS I recommend following TechSoEasy's instructions for doing so:
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@Robwill -- Since Live Spaces was discontinued, you need to update your links (or alternatively, for that link use http://sbsurl.com/rejoin)  I fixed the one you used above.  

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Thanks Jeff, will do.  It is a great article.


Thanks very much for the swift responses, I'm going to the client this afternoon, I'll post later to let you know how I get on.


Thanks for the help, when I went back this afternoon 3 of the clients logged in without  problem (one of which had refused to log in this morning) and 3 had to be removed and reconnected to the domain. I don't know why some worked and some didn't but your advice did the trick anyway. All working fine now. Thanks again.

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