Where is the  Smear Subtle

Posted on 2012-08-13
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Last Modified: 2014-07-10
Aug. 13 2012  17:08 ~17:13 win7h sp1

Who is the Smear Subtle behind ?

He/She must be such long time trace for something at least decades to play the game.

Your attentions would be fairly respected.

All Best Wishes

Question by:Li HUANG
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 38288583
You should perhaps post a copy of your question in your native language along with the english version, so we can translate it ourselves.

The - range is for local loopback... it is a virtual address, not assigned to physical adapters.

The tunnel adapters are also virtual, not physical adapters. They don't need addresses at all for your internet to work.

Your dialup adapter has a public IP address, but if you have internet problems, going only on the details you have provided, I would say it's because there is no Gateway IP address assigned to the dialup adapter.

Author Comment

ID: 38290254
Aug. 14 2012  07:47 ~ 08:13 win7h sp1

Nice you view here expert  Darr247 .

May I have your a finger that who should take care of the Gateway IP assign to the dialup
adapter and how to take a DIY please ?

There are half decade "mute voice" _ barely_hear_you experience on the phone contact.
GM.us phone set was often had problems on its operation that I changed to Panasonic .jp machine. Nothing get better to the ugly performance at Phone.  Well, I have paid a lot attentions to find out what are differences working between the Line port and Digital one on it. Since a company VoIP has met problem to get contact with me few times.

Type is ready for hunting or what "excuse investigation" or perhaps sneak thief intelligibly ?

Damage , blur inflame and mangle fact only to an instigation and keep as pilferer predator.  
Example, make pitch hurt IT supporter when you talking with
                sent a other country's PC to your order
                maliciously attack Virus_Anti products
                stay latent , put on the back burner on  ambiguous ISP E-contract 1.25 year
                remove triple_via FAX scheme once Password manger mounted on ...

Integrity need its Justice these days.  

LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 38290350
> May I have your a finger that who should take care of the Gateway
IP assign to the dialup adapter and how to take a DIY please ?

You can't set it manually (DIY) unless you know what the Gateway is supposed to be.

Usually, the DHCP server that gives the dialup (PPP) adapter its IP address should set the Gateway IP address at the same time.
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Author Comment

ID: 38292413
Aug. 14 2012  23:06~23:28  win7h sp1

Yes expert  Darr247 ,  the DHCP is left by particularly  modify at IPV4 property .

Connection has had been completed with VSDL modern for its PPPoE automatically acquirement .

Surprised me is Expert-Exchange forum has no problem to up / down load the Post Comment from connection either by Modern or Router. While Modern does not given shown of connection from Gateway to Internet on the share center/ Full map ?

This ISP  unique appliance Modern might open  both wire and wireless to the Mode as now same time ?  Because the  "Mutiple Networks" , local area connection ,  is the basic status, and the dos > Ipconfigure  shown  the fe80:: address which is implied a wireless address.

Even then the ISP has been asked to test and try  the new Modern few times. Result no different. Saw the wireless pilebar  at above the share center there when ISP test FTP back to its company.  They said normally signal but, 30M_wire_24m+1m is the authorized agreement with merely.

What best to control at this moment please?


Author Comment

ID: 38314556
Aug. 21 2012  09:29~09:48 win7h sp1

Unknown Device confirmed by ISP is from Modern but Waiting 4 month technical verification ?!

For economic reason , ISP has no reason leave client risk HUGE amount Finance transaction every day via Web server email account ? For missile,  Raffle or bait ?

ISP has even released  two E-contracts , then ignore the Unknown switch which obviously want to spoil the "oppress bully "  ?!  That is trailed by designated agency over one year that finally resigned recently last month.

Local communication governor department @ofca.gov.hk keep waiting status company with ISP for nearly two months.

WHO would be the client best to forward this highly concern please ?


Author Comment

ID: 38318742
8:58 ~ 09:24 22/8/2012  win7U_6 sp1
Aug. 22 2012  08:09~08:45  win7U_6 sp1

Dear Expert-Exchange.com,

If you have problem to understand the post next. ?  It is on ID_38314550

There is  another email like user name auto presenting at the LogOn few days.
Is there any one share this account ? My only registered with you is BLEUOISOU only .

Hopefully,  I am writing to one TRUE website.

All Best Regards

Aug. 21 2012  09:29~09:40 win7h sp1

Dear Expert-Exchange.com,

The "Unknown Device" ,  between "Local area connection" and PCs [ref. photo supplied]. The is confirmed by ISP  from its Modern, ISP exclusively ,  unfortunately it  has being Waited for 4 month to a technically verification ?!

The exist by ipconfig  whenever used the Modern device. "Switch" show in Vista sp2 , "Unknown" at Win7 instead.

Is the "Unknown"does being or Unknown/Switch device ?
Who should take responses for it please ?

Loopback interface 1 always on either Modern or Router with Vista and Win7 OS.

ISP has even released  two E-contracts and keep one to today which means the connection device, Modern that already in use before it installed at my home . Then ignore the "Unknown switch" that thought to be mount on later readily ,  noted by Microsoft Diagnose on the adapter with Vista OS,  which obviously want to spoil the "oppress bully "  ?!  The incorrect e-agreements  are trailed by the designated agency on it over one year finally, none determined and  resigned recently in last month.

For even the economic reason , ISP has no reason leave client take the risk to the HUGE amount Finance transaction every day via Web server email account ? For missile,  Raffle or bait ?
It can do something such as change switch to router , guarantee filter clean connection for the client ?

More than One IP currently running on the Just one ISP account with "Multiple Networks" highly suspected that is over very  decade long time ?  

Windows 7 home upgrading to Ultimate can  create more than one OS since the Product ID change each time to do so .  Win7U_3, 5 can be used by restore while no idea other win7U_1, 2, 4 being operated by else or not ?

What the ambiguous e-agreement causes for this accident?  
The 30M_WIRE_24m+1m agreement can only receive wireless signal now on its FE80:: address screenshot within .  

Is it political one ?

Local communication governor department @ofca.gov.hk retain waiting status company with ISP for nearly two months.

WHO would be the client best to forward this highly concern please ?


Author Comment

ID: 38333295
AUG. 26 2012 07:02~07:26 , ~09:54 win7_6 sp1

Smuggling Missile , bomb and raffle or war resource by willy-billy BEING  occupied the account

less  worse program in English writing

Ref: ID38328734, ID3833374, ID38333418

Which more attract  attentions of the expert please ?

Apart from this is a duplicated FALSE website. Allow the second User, 2 user name,  to share and remove  found twice , now as well ,  "yield" the imposter collect the Answers somehow?
http:// is not https://   recognized for expert-exchange.com

Suppose a Chat or Phone contact available, may I ask a pleasant way to tell the problem directly to who may charge for this ?

Aug .  26 2012  08:38~ 08:51 win7U_6 sp1

Here the reason well,  Why I can not get internet with Modern ONLY , then get "Internet" only via the Router while Alter problem with Network Diagnose like attach down .

WHO is prohibitively using the 1st Router Setting by taking MY ACCOUNT AUTHORITY ?
How to fasten back the Authentication Please?

Router #1  owning Gateway, DHCP enable , routing and controling my Stand_Alone_30M_wire_24m+1m Authentication .

ISP has ever admitted is its belongs .   THEN why take away my DHCP  service?  AND cloned my PC MAC ?


Reference:  giltjrPosted on 2005-12-14 at 12:24:21ID: 15479847
Quato :

by: giltjrPosted on 2005-12-14 at 12:24:21ID: 15479847

If all you want to do is have both routers up.

Then it should work, but router#1 needs to be in gateway mode.

Router #2 should have its DHCP server diabled.  Connect one of router#2 ethernet ports to one of router#1's ethernet ports.  Configure as the defualt route on routuer#2.  If router#1 has DHCP enabled, then PC#2 should get an IP address assigned to it by router#1.

However if router#1 and router#2 are close enough to connect by cable, then just connect PC#2 directly to router#1.


Author Comment

ID: 38355733
Sept. 1st 2012  03:04~03:14  win7 u 6 sp1

The Unknown  & Static router#1  has got DHCP from ISP  .
See the attach.

It can not be deleted or replaced by the MAC own.  

REF: ID38355725

LVL 44

Expert Comment

ID: 38356541
Those message numbers will not locate a message here (unless it's in the same thread) without a full path...
e.g. right-click on the message ID and choose Copy Shortcut... then you'll get a fully qualified URL like

Author Comment

ID: 38356703
Sept. 1st 2012  03:04~03:14 , 15:17 win7 u 6 sp1

The Unknown Device  & Unknown Static setting Router#1  has got DHCP from ISP  supplanting me. Attention that DHCP only accept one Modern MAC register for one account.  See the screenshot..  Put this in you mind, when Router #1 MAC keep in DHCP server of ISP , it won't be able to accept its any subnet Router's MAC as the DNS , DHCP table list basically , special circumstance has no information ?

It can not be deleted or replaced by the MAC own.  

REF: ID38355725

Find an  expert by Post_Name do the same thing , thank you Darr247 ...

Sept. 08 2012  09:44~ 10:05 , 10:10 , 11:45 w7u6 sp1

Cisco Router after copying the MAC, set IPV6 DHCP server on Higher PE , CPE, DHCPv6 device, it can register ISP as a host, domain such etc...  is it the UNKNOWN between PC and LAN on my network map , I guess so ?  Because two WAN MACs were cloned seen at the setting in account. Brand new default status was empty for this column of  bringing to mind.

This OS is w7 home preemie of Lenovo. The upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate is with by  Microsoft packet sale . All the OS management authority has been handed to Microsoft.

by acl-puzz , c/o rfc1180

"Every Link -Local address in Ipv6 is generated from FE80:: /10 .
  The Link-local address of an Interface is is mix between ' BIA MAC Add' and static IPv6  
  stuff along with some dyamic features known as modified EUI-64 addressing "

Only if turn on the IPV6  whenever , would the 6to4  most likely recognize me by IPV6 which can give us as much as  an extra triple times earth addresses that of miniature on an atom .



Author Closing Comment

ID: 40171062
About the local private loopback thank you for answering...

The unknown perhaps from "device" route ring to domain redirected on an IP.device ?

+ Closed please +

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