Tool/Ways to find out space consumed by Deleted

Hi Experts,

I am using Exchange 2003 and I want to find out the space ( size ) consumed by deleted emails remaining in deleted items , for all the users.
Is there any admin tools or free software that scans the individual mailbox and gives the report.

Any solutions would be appreciated.

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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Had this been Exchange 2007 or 2010 it would have been a piece of cake ......

Items Count and Size of Folders in a mailbox database

PowerShell script that displays Exchange 2003 mail store deleted items disk consumption

- Rancy
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
How to programmatically get the size of mailboxes in Exchange

You can also run the Mailbox manager policy with just a report

- Rancy
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