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Storage for VMware host

jacksch4820 asked
I’m looking for storage to attach to my VMware host.
Will run about 10 vm’s without a cluster only single VMware host.
I have to make a decision between IBM System Storage DS3400 SAN 4 GB FC and IBM Exp 2500 6 Gbps SAS interface.

Which one will be better for performance ds3400 fiber channel of 4 GB or exp 2500 of 6 Gbps SAS interface.
Please advice
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Distinguished Expert 2019
6Gb SAS interface will have more bandwidth (4 lans at 6Gb = 24Gb) but you'll never all that bandwidth anyway unless you have a lot of SSDs. But if it's only one host can't you use internal* disks with an enterprise RAID controller instead?

*or external disks in a dumb shelf using RAID controller inside server with external ports.

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