Unable to run windows firewall on server 2003

When trying to access the firewall in windows server 2003 i receive the following message "Windows Firewall cannot run becuase another prgram or service is running that might use the network address translation component (Ipnat.sys)

We have the following server roles installed and running:

File server
Printe server
Remote Access/VPN server
Domain Controller
DNS server
DHCP Server

Any ideas on what would be causing the firewall properties not to open and will it be running?
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Damag3dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi There,

Unfortunately the Windows Firewall and RRAS (Routing and remote access Service) Cannot coexist. If you want the windows firewall service you will need to remove the RRAS role.

Alternatively you can configure restricted access to your server by configuring an IPsec policy for any networks you want to deny accessing your server.

Just out of interest, are you actually using RRAS for VPN termination?

Kind Regards,


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jonathanemersonAuthor Commented:
Yes we are using RRAS for VPN.

Do you have any information or articles you know of regarding making sure RRAS is secure if windows firewall is disabled that would be usefull?


I take it you do not have a perimeter firewall?

How are you performing the NAT to your RRAS server? I assume that you are using private addressing on the server?
jonathanemersonAuthor Commented:
We have a cisco router which acts as the perimeter firewall which performs the NAT to the RRAS server.
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