windows cannot ping ubuntu 12.04 host on different vlan

I have 3 different vlans in my network mostly windows, and I can ping the other hostnames of the windows machines on the different vlans.  However I cannot ping my ubuntu server hostname from a windows machine on a different vlan, but I can ping its IP address.  Currently everyone is sharing the same dns.  On the same vlan though my windows computer can ping the ubuntu server via hostname.

Anyone know what I am missing?

I should also note that my ubuntu server can ping windows machines via hostname on a different vlan
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BelushiLomaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the Ubuntu server is not using DHCP, it isnt registering its name in DNS. On the same vlan, you can ping by hostname because of NetBios, but across VLANs you will need the entry in DNS. Either use DHCP with the right settings, or if it's a server, add an "A" Record in the local zone for the Ubuntu server, ipconfig /flushdns and ping away!
mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
how do I add an A record in the local zone for the ubuntu server?
mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
or do you mean I have to manually add the A record on my DNS server?
Chris SandriniSenior System EngineerCommented:
You should add an A record to the DNS server
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