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Open Form New Thread And Then Stopping Thread (Close Form)

So here's the deal. I have a form that does rather a lengthy process. While this is running I want to open another form that has an animated gif that runs to show that the application is 'thinking'.  If I just open the form while the other process is running the animated gif becomes just a black box. However, if I do this:

 Private Sub openUpdate()
 End Sub

And call that using this:

 Dim t As Thread
 t = New Thread(AddressOf Me.openUpdate)

Everything works as I want it to. But, how do I then close that thread? I have looked at a few things here on EE and using google, but I can't really find a solution. Many things about threadname.abort, but I can't get that to work.  There is a function that runs on my main form that when it finishes I want to close this thread. So I will be stopping the thread from the main form.

Any ideas? I hope this makes sense. Also, if there is a better way of doing this I am all ears (or eyes in this case).

Thanks for any ideas.
G Scott
G Scott
1 Solution
How about doing the processing in separate thread and showing the form on main UI thread?
G ScottAuthor Commented:
Hey CodeCruiser, I am open to that, I just have no idea how to go about doing that.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Put that "lengthy process" into another thread using a BackgroundWorker() control hosted in your Form with the animated GIF:
Project->Properties->Application->Shutdown mode = When startup form closes and forget about thread's count
G ScottAuthor Commented:
I worked it out using BackgroundWorker. Thanks!

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