Decenter marker of Google maps in an iFrame


I'm trying to decenter the marker of google maps which is in an iframe. It always marks 1 and the same address, but the marker always shows in the center, i would like to move it to a defined position.

Is this possible?
If yes, how?

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peps03Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I fixed it. Dragging the map to the correct center position before creating the embed link (iframe) does the trick.

Hopefully somebody will find this post useful.
Ray PaseurCommented:
In the static mapping class shown here you have a setCenter() method.  You can use that to set the center point, then put the marker wherever you want it (off center).
peps03Author Commented:
Is there no iframe method to achieve this?

all this extra code for 1 setting..
peps03Author Commented:
see answer
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