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Aside from the various securtiy related issues with VoIP networks, what other areas/checks would you classify as critical to involve in a VoIP audit? Could you give perhaps like a top 5 areas you would include if going out to tender for such, and then perhaps a 5 important, lower risk areas to include if budget permits?
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Availability ..

redundancy (what if scenario's)

i've had enormous issues with internal networking and VOIP and suppliers playing the "it's not my but their fault"  so get that hammered out before you sign the contract.

compatibility with other systems and hardware

if you are going for a hosted solution you might want to check the financial health of the supplier..
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Ok cheers, if VoIP is an area of speciality, is there any (low tech) management freindly - real top level summary of what are the various elements of a a VoIP system and what they actually "do" in terms of allowing users to ring internally and externally?
When you say "various security related issues" are you talking about IP related security or toll fraud related security? There's plenty of meat in either of those areas if you are looking for tasks to bill for.

Some of the areas I would cover in a VoIP audit would be different priorities depending on the vendor (Cisco, Avaya, etc..). With Cisco, I find many UC on UCS deployments done poorly, so system health is affected. With Avaya, system health usually isn't an issue. Of course, on Avaya systems I frequently find the network (routers and switches) neglected (bad or missing QoS, no basic security).

Top 5
System Health - CPU, RAM, etc... is system configuration done according to vendor document, SRND in Cisco case. Is the system running supported software?

PBX Configuration - Does the dial-plan make sense? Are there any standards and naming conventions? Is there documentation?

Survivability - Is it configured if needed? Has it been tested? Has it been updated?

QoS - This could be a whole project, depending on the deployment
Trunking - Are there analog trunks in use? Are there expensive PRIs? Is SIP trunking an option? Is SIP trunking a good idea in this situation?
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