RSAT on Win 7 for 03 Domain

I have an 03 and 03 R2 domain which I am introducing 07 workstations into. Although I plan on upgrading the server OS, I am not ready to do so yet.

My question is:

If I install RSAT onto my Windows 7 workstation, will this allow me to manage those GPO elements that my 03 servers cannot?

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RKoonsAuthor Commented:

Your second comment seems to be right on and clear enough to be able to follow. I do have a server 08 R2 machine in my domain, but it is only a member server (and has to stay that way for now).

Keeping in mind that the only real thing I need to do is to manage the Local policy settings (GPO) for my Win 7 machines, are there specific portions of this RSAT tool collection I need to activate, and once activated, will there be anything else I need to do to have all thats needed to manage these win 7 machine's settings?

After all, I still will not have an 08 machine that is a AD active.
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, RSAT is all you need. No more needs to be said, in my opinion. For GPOs, only the GPMC will be needed, but of course you might want to add ADUC, DNS and so on to your local mmc, so all management items you used at the server side need to be activated.
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