Interpolating values in excel


What is required is a formula to calculate the interpolated values of a table. Please refer to the attached spreadsheet.

"TABLE 1" is the table of data.
"TABLE 2" is what is required.

When given a set of values (i.e. Required Values in TABLE 2), the interpolated values of A, B and C are required.

For example, for a value of 350, the data needs to be interpolated between 340.8 and 350.2.

Any help greatly appreciated.
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here is your answer ...
The file is already filled with the formulas
just download it and enjoy
forever7Author Commented:
That did the trick, thank you very much.

Out of interest, I was trying to get INDEX to work? would this have been possible?
It could have worked in theory.
The Index, combined with a match would have given the same result.
The problem I had is that the MATCH function could find the first value "Less than" the target (using the "-1" parameter), but, who knows why, it didn't work (with the "+1" parameter) to find the first value "greater than" the target.
So I had to use the OFFSET function anyway.
forever7Author Commented:
Many thanks again
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