Help with Transfering files to Checkpoint 2200 appliance

Hi all,
Im setting up a new Checkpoint 2200 firewall and im having a problem with copying the ace folder into the appliance /var folder so as I can use SecureID for mobile client logins. In my old IP appliance I was able to SFTP into it and upload the files no problem but everytime I try on the new appliance It says that sftp isnt available. Can anyone guide me on how I can transfre the file over or how do I enable SFTP as I cant find the option anywere. The appliance is in standalone management mode
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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
SFTP uses port 22. Look for the ssh service instead. Checkpoint should have that service enabled. Can check out "Web/SSH and GUI Clients Configuration". i also sometimes used filezilla to connect to "browse" on top of the CLI approach
AGOITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the help on this. Thanks for the input breadtan. You are correct with the ssh being enabled so you can use CLI. It is very messy transferring the files over if you are not 100% familiar with how to use CLI so in case there is anyone else that ever needs to do this I did find a simpler solution to the problem. Using the web interface create a backup of your configuration, download it and then on a Linux system open the TAR archive and then add the files that you want transferred over. Then restore this configuration onto your device and bobs your uncle. Files done. Strange way of doing it but it works.
AGOITAuthor Commented:
Also works so alternative to using ssh and CLI
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