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Exchange 2010 - Internal & External Out of Office Autoreply going to everyone

bluemercury asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-10-05
I have a problem which started out of the blue a few months back, probably after a rollup update install (but I can't be sure).

Basically, when a user sets their Out of Office autoreply in Outlook (and they set one for external users, and one for internal), if anyone emails them the sender gets both auto replies. This happens regardless of whether they are internal or external to the firm.

It is also worth mentioning we run both Exclaimer's Exchange footer disclaimer software, and Jam Software's Exchange Server Toolbox on our one Exchange server. Both firms say this problem shouldn't be caused by their software (and I have tried removing it to no avail, as a test).

Any thoughts greatfully received - perhaps I can use the Exchange Shell to reconfigure something network wide that may have got messed up during the Rollup update?

Many thanks,

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Help me understand the following details

=> Does this affect this particular user / few users / all users / new user?
=> Does this affect when OOO is applied using OL / webmail / both?
=> Does the OOO trigger when only internal OOO is applied too and not external?
=> Version of OL please.



Hi Exchange_Geek.

Many thanks for coming back to me - sorry for the delayed reply. We've had some other more serious problems at work, and as I have to cover all IT matters, have been sidelined from this.

I also wanted to test things to be able to answer your questions thoroughly. In response:

1) It seems to affect everyone. I have used several accounts for testing, some newly created, some old (and some in differering AD security groups). Every account I set the auto reply on has the problem, so it seems domain wide.

2) The auto reply issue is evident however I set it - whether it is through the Outlook 2010 client or OWA.

3) Setting OOO to only autoreply to internal addresses still replies to external accounts too (but only one message with the proper external autoreply switched off).

4) Outlook Client is 2010 - version 14.0.6112.5000.

Any insight you have I would really value - apologies again for the stinted reply.

Many thanks :)
Here is what i'd like you to do.

Please create a dummy mailbox OR send me the email id of the affected mailbox, and let me read the OOO details.

Remove any OOO for the user from OL and confirm it via webmail.

Re-apply OOO after say 15-30 odd minutes using webmail.

Exchange won't affect this stupid - but let us be assured of it first.

Hi Exchange_Geek.

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for delay again, I'm spread way to thinly at work at present.

I worked out the problem was occuring because of the third party software; Jam's 'Exchange Server Toolbox'. They had insisted it wasn't their issue, and I had removed the software once to no avail, but I tried removing it again. This time, I completely killed all traces of settings and registry entries, and sure enough, autoreplies started behaving as they should ....

I went back to Jam, who now admit fault, and have me trying out beta releases of the software to try and fix the problem. They hope to have this sorted imminently.

Thanks for your time / efforts, and this particular issue looks close to solved.

Many thanks,



Own answer accepted, as issue is caused by Jam Software's EST plug-in, which I have proven to them to be the issue, and they are admitting fault and working on a fix...

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