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Microsoft Terminal Server

Phil Chapman
Phil Chapman asked
We have about 20 users who connect to a Microsoft Terminal Server hosted on the Amazon cloud.

Occasionally a user will say they got locked up and could not do anything and had to re-start their computer.

It’s my understand their actual workstation gets locked up.

Terminal Server:
Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
SP 1
Terminal Server Client:
Windows XP SP2,  Windows Vista, Windows v7
No review has been made to see if the lockups only occur on certain OS.

The users click on a desktop Icon that runs the application.  The users do not have access to the server desktop.

Any thoughts as to how this happens and a fix for it would be appreciated.
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can you check the event logs on the server this may give you some indication as to why the system is locking up at times.


I checked the event viewer and there were no entries this month.

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