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How does one configure outlook/adobe to allow PDF content in attached emails to be found using search box in outlook

e.g. if a PDF attachment in an email had invoice # 1234 in the content of the PDF document, how can this be found using outlook search?

(Adobe reader; Outlook 2010; Win 7 64bit)
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You need to install the iFilter if you're using a 64bit OS.  See the link below for more info:
stakestAuthor Commented:
The link referred to windows desktop search and iFilter. My understanding is that functionality in the OS (Win 7) has replaced windows desktop search (is this correct)? I have downloaded the iFilter from adobe and installed...I assume its now running as a service. Not sure how long it'll take to index - but will try search again in a few hours. Thank you for feedback. If this works, I'll close the question
stakestAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response!
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