ML530 G1 startup problem data recovery

I do have  a very old Proliant  ML530 G1 server with 12 36gb ultra scsi drives  which willnot boot. It doesn’t see any logical drivers.  We have few files which we must recover from this box.  However I can’t to boot the box because it is reporting that it lost SCSI configuration. I don’t remember original configuration.  I think there were 2 Raid 5.
Boot screen suggested to USE Array Diagnostic Utility to recover original  Raid config.
I’ve downloaded Smartstart 5.5 (hopefully it will work) however server will not boot on CD?
I’ve replace CD ROM with another one but still there is no option to boot on CD
1.      How do I force it to boot on CD
2.       How should I go about reconfiguring safely  SCSI raid?
3.      I have dl380 g4 which can read same drives but it has only 6 slots. What is the best way to recover data from these drivers?
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Can you afford a MSA30 external enclosure to move all the internal disks into? That would at least give you space to setup a boot disk on another ProLiant and have a look at what's on these ones. I sense you're at the powered off and wrapped up in cotton wool stage of DR process.
RAID config is stored on the metadata on the disks with a SA532 or 5304 which is what that ought to have in it, could the disks have been shuffled?
Check the bios setup for the server to verify that it allows booting from CD and that the CD is recognized as functioning.

Regarding the RAID configuration, the RAID controller should have that set - did something change (like the RAID controllers)?

Regardless, SmartStart is the tool to use towards recovering the RAID configuration (or creating a new one).  Just be careful not to create a new one because you'll blow that data away (like reformatting a drive).
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leop1212Author Commented:
no disks definetly stays on in same slots. The boot problem accur after we lost the power for 30 min.
Well I might be wrong, but I think the RAID config is stored on the RAID controller, so I'm thinking that either a power surge caused a problem on the card, or a battery in the server (either on the main board if RAID controller is integrated or on the RAID controller itself) is dead.  Did you have to reset time and date and confirm other setup options on the server when it came back on?
The config's meant to be just stored on the platters in the metdata, not on the controller; however who knows what's been flushed to disk from possibly corrupt cache after the power outage. We don't even know whether there was a F1/F2 prompt nor what the reply was at present so the first few cylinders could be corrupt.
leop1212Author Commented:
thank you for the comments, however I think you are trying to advise on the server you havn't seen  before. this server is over 12 years old and doesn't have traditional bois with data/time etc...

i am pretty sure that nothing was written over original scsi configuration ; Somehow it just got lost. possibly two drives went south on same chanel,
do you think I can get something out of Array diagnostic?
do you know if ml530 will boot on 5.5 or I have to look for 5.1 smartstart?
Any suggestions on how I can move drives to G4 box and still create same logical drive ?

So it would be fairly manageable to image each of the 12 drives to a separate file and then use RAID reconstruction software to assemble the array from the images.

This has the added benefit of not operating on the source drives as well as verifying the state of the drives. Something this old my have bad sectors.
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