XenApp 6.5 Advanced and RDS

Hi all,
Would someone please clarify below described possibility for co-existence:
We have 5 users (management group) that we want to provide XenApp 6.5 access for various in-house  database access plus streamed desktop for remote work.
Also on the other hand we have 8 customers that we currently provide access via 2003 TS. (As soon as customer login our customer application kicks in so they can not access anything else via RDP)

Is it possible to amalgamate above two servers into one 2008 R2 VM with say 5 XenApp licences and 15 RDS cals.
So management users can start getting XenApp access and other customers can dial in via RDS at the same time. Or is this type of solution might not be stable/possible?.

Regards and thanks in advance.
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Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
tested this, a new user with RDP-access to the citrix xenapp server consumes a citrix license also.
see also http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX104605/
basrajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is possible. The easiest way is to publish RDP icon on the same Citrix xenapp server. Management becomes easy. So Customer can login to Citrix URL and then launch RDP application to get into the session. You can do this with one server. However for redundancy and load-balancing, you can also install  TS role on the other server also, and install citrix xenapp on top of it. So you will publish one RDP appliacation and give access to the customer and other applications to different people. Everyone will get a separate session.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
how explained by basraj:
you can use RDS and XenApp at the same time at the same device.
But if you wish access to the server-desktop  for the "other customers", you should publish the server-desktop with citrix.
This can be done for more than one server also to realize load balancing and fail-over.

i think if you have RDS-Users at the xenapp servers, they need a citrix-license also ... i'll doublecheck this today.

also i would suggest to use CSG to secure the external access.
RobKanjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input guys but won't I need citrix licences for customers as well if I publish the desktop with Citrix even for customers.

As I just want 5 staff users to use Citrix, and not the other 8-10 customers.
I was planning to buy just 5 user licences for Citrix and add concerned users as registered users. And I will publish desktop for these users.

But if I add customer group (with totally separate 8 users) wont I need more Citrix license for them to login on to the published Citrix WebPage and access the desktop?

I was assuming we can let customers dial in via Remote desktop client (from there respective external machines) using "connect from anywhere" RD Gateway (currently have to on the same machine) and if everything goes by plan and works in testing over 1st week, will add another machine to load balance this setup (RDS and Citrix) for production deployment.
RobKanjAuthor Commented:
Thanks dkotte for cross-verifying it, will look forward to your response.
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