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Posted on 2012-08-13
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Hello everyone,  I am looking for a bit of help.  I have a macro that I created in excel/vb and I am pulling data from SQL.  I have and ID field that I enter in a table that I want to pull information from.  Now sometimes I need to combine these tables to be pulled at the same time.  The only thing that I know is that I have to make the field a string.  I am lost as to what I need to do now.  Here is my query and I have also attached it in a *.txt file.  Please help.  I have made the areas that I feel are the issue bold.

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Sheets("900 File (Plan Elections)").Select
    Dim cnDispatch As ADODB.Connection
    Set cnDispatch = New ADODB.Connection
    Dim CompanyID As Integer
    'CompanyID = Worksheets("Data_Worksheet").Cells(7, 4)
    CompanyID = Worksheets("Home Page").Cells(1, 8)
    Dim BenefitID As String
    'BenefitID = Worksheets("Home Page").Cells(2, 7)
    BenefitID = Worksheets("Home Page").Cells(2, 8)

    Dim strConn As String
    strConn = "PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;"
    strConn = strConn & "SERVER=***.***.**.***;INITIAL CATALOG=*******;"
    strConn = strConn & " User ID=******; Password=********;"
    cnDispatch.Open strConn
        Dim rsDispatch As ADODB.Recordset
        Set rsDispatch = New ADODB.Recordset
            With rsDispatch
                .ActiveConnection = cnDispatch
                .Open " SELECT '900' AS 'TransactionCode'," & _
                " CASE WHEN PC.MemberType = 0 THEN EE.EmployeeID" & _
                " WHEN PC.MemberType = 1 THEN SP.SpouseID WHEN PC.MemberType = 2 THEN CH.ChildID END AS 'MemberID', EE.SSN AS 'EmployeeSSN', PC.MemberType AS 'MemberType'," & _
                " CASE WHEN PC.MemberType = 0 THEN ISNULL(EE.SSN,'~') WHEN PC.MemberType = 1 THEN ISNULL(SP.SSN,'~') WHEN PC.MemberType = 2 THEN ISNULL(CH.SSN,'~') END AS 'MemberSSN'," & _
                " CASE WHEN PC.MemberType = 0 THEN EE.FirstName WHEN PC.MemberType = 1 THEN SP.FirstName WHEN PC.MemberType = 2 THEN CH.FirstName END AS 'MemberFirstName'," & _
                " CASE WHEN PC.MemberType = 0 THEN EE.LastName WHEN PC.MemberType = 1 THEN SP.LastName WHEN PC.MemberType = 2 THEN CH.LastName END AS 'MemberLastName'," & _
                " PE.PlanModuleID AS 'PlanModuleID', CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), PE.EffectiveDate, 112) AS 'EffectiveDate'," & _
                " CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), PE.TerminationDate, 112) AS 'TerminationDate', '0' AS 'Continuance', '0' AS 'Quaifying Event Name'," & _
                " CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), PE.EffectiveDate, 112) AS 'QEventDate', PC.Coverage AS 'ApprovedCoverage', PC.EmployerCost AS 'ApprovedERCost'," & _
                " PC.EmployeeCost AS 'ApprovedEECost', PC.BuyUp AS 'ApprovedBuy-Up', PC.CompPercent AS 'ApprovedCompensationPercentage', PC.COBRAPremium AS 'ApprovedCOBRAPremium'," & _
                " PC.InitialCoverage AS 'ElectedCoverage', PC.InitialEmployerCost AS 'ElectedEmployerCost', PC.InitialEmployeeCost AS 'ElectedEmployeeCost'," & _
                " PC.InitialCOBRAPremium AS 'ElectedCOBRAPremium', PC.InitialBuyUp AS 'ElectedBuyUp', PC.InitialCompPercent AS 'ElectedCompensationPercentage'," & _
                " PC.ContribInterval AS 'ContribInterval', PC.ContribType AS 'ContribType', PE.TaxElection AS 'TaxElection'," & _
                " CASE WHEN PC.MemberType = 0 THEN CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), EE.DOB, 112) WHEN PC.MemberType = 1 THEN CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), SP.DOB, 112) WHEN PC.MemberType = 2 THEN CONVERT(VARCHAR(8), CH.DOB, 112) END AS 'MemberDOB'" & _
                " FROM PlanCoverages PC JOIN PlanElections PE ON PC.PlanID = PE.PlanID JOIN Employees EE ON EE.EmployeeID = PE.EmployeeID LEFT JOIN Spouses SP ON SP.SpouseID = PC.MemberID LEFT JOIN Children CH ON CH.ChildID = PC.MemberID" & _
                " WHERE EE.CompanyID = '" & CompanyID & "' AND PE.BenefitID = '" & BenefitID & "' AND PE.TerminationDate >= PE.EffectiveDate AND ((PE.EffectiveDate <= GETDATE()) AND (PE.TerminationDate IS NULL OR PE.TerminationDate >= GETDATE()))" & _
                " ORDER BY EE.SSN, PE.BenefitID, PE.EffectiveDate, PE.TerminationDate, MemberType, MemberDOB, MemberLastName, MemberFirstName"
                Sheets("900 File (Plan Elections)").Range("A6").CopyFromRecordset rsDispatch
                Sheets("Home Page").Select
            End With
    Set rsDispatch = Nothing
    Set cnDispatch = Nothing
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub
Question by:mgmee
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    Expert Comment

    That should work if you have the right data in cell H2 of your home page tab
    LVL 24

    Expert Comment

    I think it possible that BenefitID may be a numeric field in the datasource.
    IF this is the case you would need:

    AND PE.BenefitID = " & BenefitID & " AND

    rather than

    AND PE.BenefitID = '" & BenefitID & "' AND

    Author Comment

    @ The_Barman : Yes the BenefitID is numeric.  I want to be able to enter two numbers, sometimes 3 in the field and have it populate (example: 12,13  or 1,3,11)  I tried to remove the apostrophe like you had above, and it didn't work.
    LVL 24

    Expert Comment

    Is companyID numeric also...

    You will need to drop the ' either side of it otherwise the SQL reads the value as Text...

    WHERE EE.CompanyID = " & CompanyID & " AND

    rather than

    WHERE EE.CompanyID = '" & CompanyID & "' AND
    LVL 24

    Expert Comment

    Do you have a working version of the query you could post the actual SQL for.
    The .open command is a tough one to read with all the punctuation, the SQL would be simpler to read for errors. Ta.
    LVL 24

    Accepted Solution

    If you want to have 2 or 3 numbers seperated by commas you will need the IsOneOf rather than EqualTo operator...

    AND PE.BenefitID ln(" & BenefitID & ") AND

    Author Closing Comment

    Thanks The_Barman!!! That solution worked GREAT!!!! I really appreciate it!!

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