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CUCM Training

I am looking to purchase some training videos for Cisco Unified Call Manager and Unity. I was hoping to get some suggestions on here as to where i may find some quality products to cover these topics. I dont want live training or onsite training, i need videos that myself and others in my company can watch and review in time. Thank You in advance for your input.
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I have both of the books and am currently reading them but i wanted something that goes over all of the options in the CM and Unity screens and explains them. The books do this but i was hoping for more of a visual learning option than just relying on reading only.
For video learning, I personally like the CBTNuggets w.w.w. recommended above.


The ones pertaining specifically to CUCM are the 642-446 and 642-456, although the exams themselves expired, the fundamentals are pretty much still the same.

I've not found any video on Unity though. I took a class on it, so I still have the books and videos that came with that, but I've really never used them. I think you might be stuck with books on that one.
You did see the CBT nuggets right? Then there is this company I don't like much personally:



May i ask what you dont like about them?
The guys talks as if he had a potato in his mouth.... Instead of Cisco Unity Connection, he enunciates Cisc'UniConnection. Its just annoying to me.

And second, he reads through things on the screen like the installer wizard messages, making the first 5 videos almost useless because he is just reading to you what its being presented in the configuration pages, I personally find it stupid, maybe he is aiming to my granny type of audience I don't know.

If you go through the CBT nuggets which is awesome material, then I recommend you buy the training from these vendors:

Even if you don't run for the CCIE exam, they will give you excellent training material from all core voice technologies.
Go with the CBT nuggets for the initial learning.  The instructor for the Voice series Jeremy Cioara is one of the best instructors out there for voice IMHO.

IPexpert.com is good, but they lock down the PDF files so tight they are hard to use.  Meaning, you have to have an Internet connection to log into your own purchased PDF files and they have the kill switch on them.  I was disappointed to learn of this as my lab computer does not have Internet access.
Bostonstatus is looking for video training, IPExpert and INE have a great collection of videos that do not obey the kill swith that the pdfs obey. They are however, really deep stuff for when you master the Callmanager and the gateways arena at least. The CBT nuggets will get you started, on time you can jump to IPX or INE.

I guess the Routehub videos will do their work up to certain degree. Again, in my opinion I don't regard them as worthy material. But they are there in case you want to spend some time with that instructor. I saw they launched a new series for Connection 8.6, maybe they changed/improved the instructor/course/material?