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how to create cifs on EMC vnxe3100

D_wathi asked
Dear Experts:

We are having dell server R710 and EMC storage as a SAN and dell server having installed with the hypervisor esxi5.0. dell server interfaced with power connect gig port switch and EMC vnxe3100 connected to the same powerconnect switch

VM,s are hosted in the server disk space and few on storage NFS partition, we are having suse enterprise 11 linux server as samba domain controller with ldap as backend here are almost filled with disk space hence want to take this VM backup,thought to provision the space on emc storage with CIFS and use this windows share and keep VM backup by using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0. when logged into the emc through web interface and try to add share with CIFS this is not happening it is asking for active directoty domain details which i do not have.  
1.can anybody suggest me how to create the cifs windows share in my case.
2. Is it possible to provide suse enterprise linux samba domain controller domainname wil this work for me,
3. Also is there any other method to keep the copy of the VM's for extending the linux space please help, thanks.
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