Odd calendar invite email issue

This is an odd one for me and may be a little hard to explain.  Situation is, an executive assistant is no longer with the company and her email address is now set as an alias address for her former boss.  Odd thing is that whenever anyone sends him and one other guy in the company a calendar invite, he gets two - one sent to him and one sent to the old exec asst email alias.  I can't figure out where it is setup to do that though.  Any tips?
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Simple fix - the Exec still has a "ghost" delegate entry on his mailbox. You cannot remove it, because it not longer is visible (deleted).

What needs to be done is for the Exec's Delegate rules to be updated.
Simply ADD and new delegate - SAVE - then remove that new delegate -SAVE AGAIN.

This will overwrite the delegate ruleset (minus the old Excec Asst)
Mike SullivanDirectorCommented:
Hi jtgerdes,

Although the SMTP email address may have been moved to an alternate mailbox, is the original user's mailbox still there? If so, I would check for server-side forwarding rules that are likely to generate additional notifications.

jtgerdesAuthor Commented:

The original user's mailbox was disabled and is now gone from the disconnected mailboxes.
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Check ADSIEDIT ... Boss user account properties


Also check that "send on behalf" isnt set.
Also check his Outlook profile and make sure the old user isnt there in the Delegates.

- Rancy
Heh, ran into this very same issue a couple of months ago.

As Rancy pointed out, check for Delegates.
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