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Development Project Manager - Interview Questions

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Last Modified: 2012-08-24
I really appreciate if you have any questionnaire for IT Development Project Manager position. I've heard companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and etc have a standard interview format. If you have any information please share with me.

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Here are a few common ones
Tell us about your experience in managing different projects and how this can contribute to our position.
Tell me about a time you managed a diverse team and arrived at a successful or unsuccessful project.
Describe the most complex project you have managed from start to finish.
What do you use to set realistic schedules for the project?
How do you go about selecting and allocating resources?
How often do you update stakeholders and how do you communicate those updates?
What are your risk management procedures?
What project management methodologies are you familiar with?
What project management software have you used?
How do you close a project?
Rank your assertiveness.
Are you a listener or a talker?
How would you describe your leadership skills?
When was the last time you made a big impact in a leadership role?
How critical are you of others’ mistakes? What percent of the time would you point them out?
Are you planning to ever go on for your masters?
How would you convince a manager at a hospital that your solution would help them? What if they continually pushback?
You are a group leader. You want to do option A and everyone on your team wants to do option B. What do you do?
Now reverse the situation. What would you do if your boss chose an option that was not what you wanted/thought was bad for the company? How would you deal with this?
How would you deal with a team leader who is ineffective and consistently fails to meet deadlines?
Name five things that you are not.
How do you determine realistic schedules for the project?
Explain your methods for resource allocation.
How do you manage suppliers?
How do you inform all the stakeholders of the progress of the project on a regular basis?
How do you monitor risks to the project and mitigate them?
What tools do you use to monitor and control projects?
What project management methodologies are you most familiar with?
What project software have you used?
What change management processes have you used to ensure that change is introduced properly?
What are the practices you follow for closing a project and meeting the conditions required to establish closure?
What specific training have you had that would be relevant to this project manager job?


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