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what is the best way to set up a mesh network using linksys wireless routers.  I recently took over the IT duties at a small school and the previous person set up the wireless ussing about 5 wireless routers all with dhcp and different SSID's.  One fo the issues with this is that if your on wireless you cant get to the file store or the 1 network printer, and when an WAP goes down I get a bunch of phone calls from everyone conneced to it.  I would like to set up 1 SSID for the school and only have 1 place where you can get an IP address from not 6.
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Unfortunately, you won't be able to accomplish this with off-the-shelf wireless WAP's that you get from Best Buy.  You'll need a more corporate solution which does Wireless Clustering and Failover.  

Take a look at the spec sheet for the Cisco AP541N:

Those are the features you'd be looking for when deploying a wireless solution that will allow you to move from AP to AP without disruption.
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