Comparint two _bstr_t

Posted on 2012-08-13
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I feel like I may be missing something obvious here but I have two _bstr_t that I need to compare.

	_bstr_t boxSize = "SMALL";
	_bstr_t smallBox = "SMALL";
	bool smallItems = boxSize == smallBox;

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I was expecting smallItems to be true but it is false.  What do I need to do to compare them so smallItems is true in this case but false if the values are not the same?

Thank you
Question by:turn123
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    Accepted Solution

    Hi turn123,

    I just copied these thread lines of code and compiled it, and when I run it smallItems is true after executing the last line. Maybe there's another problem in the code before or after these lines - could you post the complete function?

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    Author Comment

    Hi ZOPPO,

    void BoxManager::loadBoxes()
    	//Variables needed to fill box
    	int productID = 0;
    	_bstr_t boxName;
    	_bstr_t boxSize = "SMALL";
    	_bstr_t smallBox = "SMALL";
    	bool smallItems = boxSize == smallBox;
    	double height = 0;
    	double width = 0;
    	double length = 0;
    	double outsideHeight = 0;
    	double outsideWidth = 0;
    	double outsideLength = 0;
    	double handlingCharge = 0.0;
    	double actualHandlingCharge = 0.0;
    	double weight = 0;
    	bool canBeUsed = false;
    	//Get boxes
    	std::string query = "SELECT ItemCode AS Box_Name, \
    Height, \
    Width, \
    Length, \
    PriceListHeight AS OutsideHeight, \
    PriceListWidth AS OutsideWidth, \
    PriceListLength AS OutsideLength, \
    UnitPrice AS ActualHandlingCharge, \
    SortCode AS HandlingCharge, \
    Weight, \
    RTRIM(UserDefinedField4) AS ItemModelCode \
    FROM dbo.Inventory \
    WHERE Active = 1 \
    AND FreightDataItem = 1";
    	_RecordsetPtr boxRecordset;
    	boxRecordset->Open(query.c_str(), _variant_t((IDispatch*)m_conn, true), adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText); 
    	while (!(boxRecordset->EndOfFile)) 
    		boxName = boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("Box_Name")->Value; 
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("Height")->Value.decVal, &height);
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("Width")->Value.decVal, &width);
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("Length")->Value.decVal, &length);
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("OutsideHeight")->Value.decVal, &outsideHeight);
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("OutsideWidth")->Value.decVal, &outsideWidth);
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("OutsideLength")->Value.decVal, &outsideLength);
    		handlingCharge = wcstod(boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("HandlingCharge")->Value.bstrVal, NULL);
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("ActualHandlingCharge")->Value.decVal, &actualHandlingCharge);
    		boxSize = boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("ItemModelCode")->Value;
    		smallItems = boxSize == smallBox;
    		VarR8FromDec(&boxRecordset->Fields->GetItem("Weight")->Value.decVal, &weight);
    		//Add box to the list
    		box newBox;
    		newBox.m_box_name = boxName;
    		newBox.m_box_name = newBox.m_box_name.erase(newBox.m_box_name.find_last_not_of(" \n\r\t")+1);
    		newBox.m_inside.x = height;
    		newBox.m_inside.y = width;
    		newBox.m_inside.z = length;
    		newBox.m_outside.x = outsideHeight;
    		newBox.m_outside.y = outsideWidth;
    		newBox.m_outside.z = outsideLength;
    		newBox.m_normal = normalizeSize(newBox.m_inside);
    		newBox.m_handling_charge = handlingCharge;
    		newBox.m_actual_handling_charge = actualHandlingCharge;
    		newBox.m_weight = weight;
    		newBox.m_bsmal = smallItems;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_box_name << std::endl;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_inside.x << " " << newBox.m_inside.y << " " << newBox.m_inside.z << std::endl;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_outside.x << " " << newBox.m_outside.y << " " << newBox.m_outside.z << std::endl;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_normal.x << " " << newBox.m_normal.y << " " << newBox.m_normal.z << std::endl;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_handling_charge << std::endl;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_actual_handling_charge << std::endl;
    			std::cout << newBox.m_weight << std::endl;
    			std::cout << boxSize << "\t" << newBox.m_bsmal << std::endl;

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    Thank you
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    Assisted Solution

    to add to Zoppo's comment:

    _bstr_t is a string class and has operator== properly defined in comutil.h

    bool operator==(const _bstr_t& str) const throw();

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    are you using managed c++ (CLR) or unmanaged c++ (WIN32, MFC, ...) ?

    by the way, for easier reading you should do:

    bool smallItems = (boxSize == smallBox);

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    though that should not make any difference (in unmanaged c++).

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    Assisted Solution

    Hm - IMO there's no problem in the code. Is it the first comparsion which fails or the latter one?

    Please try adding a output for the result, i.e. like the last line in this sample:
    	_bstr_t boxName;
    	_bstr_t boxSize = "SMALL";
    	_bstr_t smallBox = "SMALL";
    	bool smallItems = boxSize == smallBox;
    	std::cout << "smallItems = " << smallItems << std::endl;

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    In this sample I see the (expected) output smallItems = 1.

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    Author Comment

    Thank you for your time.

    Now I'm really confused as it is working as expected now and I'm not sure why it wasn't working before.

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