Why won't InfoPath UPDATE my SharePoint Document Library?

I have a SharePoint site, and I can create InfoPath forms to post data to it. While this works like a charm, the UPDATE does not work. If I use the InfoPath forms to attempt an update, the promoted fields are modified, but the updated document comes across as a new document.
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
You need to look at the formula you are using to create the file name.

The values are changing and therefore when it submits it has a different name.

Usually what i do is create a field, which is blank on a new form.

I have a rule, before I submit, which if the field is blank sets it to what i want the file name to be.

Then when setting up the submit dataconnection, use that field as the file name.

That way on edits the name will stay the same, which sounds like what you want.
Rahsaan-PringleAuthor Commented:
I see. I was thinking that the unique value would be a hidden ID field, but it's the document name. I am new to the implementation of rules (C# dev), so any guidance you can give on that would be greatly appreciated.
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