Has anyone heard of ProcKill-BU?

ProcKill-BU is showing up as malware  in Trojan Killer but a post says this -

Do not be alarmed. This appears to be a HP machine. If that's true, you have nothing to worry about. Prockill is a "RiskTool". It is not a virus, but a program used to stop system processes. Many legitimate programs have these in their installers/uninstallers. Antivirus programs cannot distinguish between "good" and "malicious" use of such programs, therefore they may alert the user.

Here is the location C:\HP\Bin\EndProcess.exe - ProcKill-BU

Is this correct?

Dealing with other malware on this computer - may attach scans to see if it warrants using ComboFix.
Thank you,
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southpau1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your machine HP?  McAfee says something similar about the file:

I suggest running scans with the following software:
Malwarebytes: www.malwarebytes.org
SUPERAntiSpywarae: www.superantispyware.com
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks southpaul

Seaton007 I have run both...re-running MBAM on external drive.

I have done Rkill, MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware, RogueKiller and Trojan Killer (for results only)
Attached are files.
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
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