VNC Across Remote Networks

      I use VNC to remotely view displays that run on our network. I have no issues with pcs on the local network and it works fine to our remote locations. However, if I am at a remote location I can only get to pcs that are on that particular local network and the home network. I cannot connect to pcs on other remote networks. All of our remote networks use their own subnet. For example the home network uses 192.168.1.(whatever). One of the remote networks uses 192.168.3.(whatever). Another remote network uses 192.168.4.(whatever). I have tried using ip addresses rather than machine names and still cannot connect. Any ideas? All remote networks can connect to the home network pcs. All remote locations connect to the home network via VPN tunnels.

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djcanterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the sonicwalls you can enable rip on the vpn tunnels fairly easily.
You could vnc to a home computer then vnc from their to the others.
You need to configure routing  on your remote  sites. Right now you have a hub and spoke toplology. Your main site (hub )knows how to route to all spokes, but spokes do not know about each other.
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It sounds like you are trying to relay traffic through your home VPN server, from site to site.

In this situation, it should be possible to set up your home VPN server to relay traffic from 192.168.3.x to 192.168.4.x, whereas currently when you are trying to access 192.168.4.x from 192.168.3.x, you aren't being passed through your home VPN router (You can only access 192.168.1.x).

This can be possible through a simple NAT policy, but if you don't have access to those, you could always try packet forwarding using a firewall.
daskas27Author Commented:
Thanks. The "Home" network is just a term I used for the network at our main location. All locations have Sonicwall firewalls to manage the VPN tunnels. I am not that familiar with NAT policies but that sounds like what I may need to do.
daskas27Author Commented:
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