gridview control not updating

I am having trouble updating the database from the gridview edit row.  I am building the list of parameters to send to a stored proc, calling the stored proc, and then re-loading the gridview.  However,  at the point where I am populating the values for the parameters, I am getting the original values, not the new values I have already typed into the text boxes.

here are the two events in play:

protected void gvCallList_RowEditing(object sender, GridViewEditEventArgs e)
    gvCallList.EditIndex = e.NewEditIndex;

protected void gvCallList_RowUpdating(object sender, GridViewUpdateEventArgs e)
    int idx = gvCallList.EditIndex;
    GridViewRow row = gvCallList.Rows[idx];
    string RowId = gvCallList.DataKeys[idx].Value.ToString();

    string PharmacyName = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtPharmacyName")).Text;
    string Address1 = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtAddress1")).Text;
    string Address2 = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtAddress2")).Text;
    string City = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtCity")).Text;
    string State = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtState")).Text;
    string Zip = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtZip")).Text;
    string PhoneNo = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtPhoneNo")).Text;
    string FaxNo = ((TextBox)row.FindControl("txtFaxNo")).Text;

      List<ParameterDefinition> inParams = new List<ParameterDefinition>();

      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("RowId", DbType.Int64, Int64.Parse(RowId.ToString())));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("PharmacyName", DbType.String, PharmacyName));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("Address1", DbType.String, Address1));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("Address2", DbType.String, Address2));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("City", DbType.String, City));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("State", DbType.String, State));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("Zip", DbType.String, Zip));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("PhoneNo", DbType.String, PhoneNo));
      inParams.Add(new ParameterDefinition("FaxNo", DbType.String, FaxNo));

      DataAccess.ExecuteProcedure("DataConnection", "CallList_Update", inParams);
      gvCallList.EditIndex = -1;

    catch (Exception ex)

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Obadiah ChristopherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be using the e.NewValues property.
dhenderson12Author Commented:
thanks for the response, but I just found the issue:  it was a post-back issue.  I was loading the database on every page load, not looking for post-back.  I works now just by calling the load on if (! IsPostBack).  you get cheap points for this one.
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