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Exchange 2010 sending email as local domain account

I get the following error when sending mail to a user outside the local domain.

Can someone tell me where the magic check box is that I am missing?
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You can't use tmrc.local to send external email
You need to have a public domain name to send email - otherwise the receiver can't know how to reply

I assume you have an actual email domain? tmrc.com perhaps?

Open Exchange management console - Org config - Hub  transport
Check the Email Address policy tab
You need to edit the email address policy to use @tmrc.com(or whatever your domain is)
Its currently using tmrc.local

Can you check?
Understand a simple concept, when you try to send an email to say gmail - and gmail would try to query DNS records of your internal domain - how can it work? Likewise, if you want to query someone' else internal domain - how would an internet facing DNS Server leak your internal DNS queries.

Practically every internal domain has IPs such 192.168.x.x - does this mean that all the domains are alike - that'll be unfair to make a statement.

Even Microsoft has internal domains configured for their own administration, so what you see as @microsoft.com - internally they have domains such as @dogfood.com etc.

Hence, you would require an internet domain and most importantly, they should be all pointing towards your public facing IP of your firewall.

If you are unclear, please post your feedback.



When I tried to do this it didn't work but it did give me the error I needed to figure out what was going on. I had to add my domain as an Accepted Domain then update the Default Policy.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
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Forgot about Accepted domain apologies...glad you are back in action anyways, cheers!

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