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Text message updates via ActiveSync

V16Pro asked
Good afternoon!,

I was recently asked if I could send email and scheduling updates as text messages to one of our clients. They do not own a computer and only have a basic cell phone with text and voice services.

We are running Exchange 2007 with ActiveSync, but I am not certain as to how, or if, I can send text-based only messages from our server.

The scenario would play out like this:
1.Manager sends out an operations update, or a new schedule.
2. A text-based version of this update is sent to the user's cell phone.

Is this possible to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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you can email directly to most cell phones via the provider.



Thanks DJ! I'm poking around the Verizon Wireless one now.
What I have done for our company was:

- Create a mail contact with email address is: <phone number>@vtext.com (in your case)

- Send the Report or Update that mail contact.

Hope it helps,


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