Replicate MySQL database once per day

I have a MySQL database that we use for IDS systems.  We would like to create a second database in a remote location and replicate DB1 with DB2.  I found plenty of information about setting up database replication with MySQL, but it seems they are do replication in near real time.

Is there a way I can set up replication to only take place at night?  This would help reduce stress to our WAN link.


Both databases would be running on RHEL6.
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Use the same replication setup, but just turn it off when you don't want it to run.  Have cron  jobs that will call the following:

When you want it to start replicating:
mysql -u root -proot_password -e "start slave"

When it's time to stop replicating:
mysql -u root -proot_password -e "stop slave"

You may want to put those to shell scripts so that you don't put the passwords in the crontab.  Also, might be helpful to do some checks before stopping the slave by calling "show slave status\G" then grep the "Seconds_Behind_Master" line - check if the value is zero to make sure that that slave has fully caught up with the master.  In my setup it usually takes an hour to catch up with a day's worth of transaction.
You could make an initial dump and play it into the second database server. Then once per day you run "flush logs" and script-copy the latest binary log file  to the second server and import it there.
multimac's solution will also work, but it involves multiple steps including transferring of binary logs.  I see it has one advantage though - once you run the binary logs you know you're done - unlike the master-slave replication where you need to check the status.
savoneAuthor Commented:

So I would put those script on the slave server correct?
Yes that's correct.
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