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Interop RGC

aek333 asked
I am in the process of removing Exchange 2033 after upgrading to 2010.  I think I have most of it done except the actual removal of the program from the 2003 server.  When I try to remove it I get the following message.  Cannot uninstall Exchange since 2003 (Obiwannew) is a bridgehead for interop RGC.  As you can see from the attached screenshot, it shows up in 2003 System Manager.  However it is not modifiable since it is on 2010 and 2003 System manager is not the correct version.  I cannot find the Interop RGC in 2010 Exchange Management console to remove this bridgehead.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Run the following cmdlet

Get-RoutingGroupConnector | remove-RoutingGroupConnector


P.S - Assumption: You have only one routing group connector, the above cmdlet will remove all the routing group connector linked with E2010.


Thank you, that worked

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