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Cisco Unity Phone Tree 8.1


I am looking for help on modifying our phone tree. Such as: Where are the files located? How do I determine "button" paths, how do I modify in general? Any help is appreciated.
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How much modifying do you want to do?  I would think you have call handlers setup though some people use regular vm boxes.  I think you are referring to the actual greeting when asking where are the files.  They are in the greetings section of the call handler depending on your set you most likely have a day and night greeting.   As far as button paths, those are the caller inputs and you can set them up to go pretty much anywhere you want.  A specific end user another call handler for more information, corporate directory, external number hunt group the possibilities are almost endless.

What exactly do you want to do to the call tree?


Correct, I am calling the call handlers a phone tree. I have put everything in place but when someone calls there is a "sorry" before the greeting. As if the system is looking for a voicemailbox...Do you or anyone know how to fix this?
What version of Unity are  you using? When you uploaded the greeting did you go to greetings page and then click on Standard or closed and upload the greeting there?

I think you just uploaded the greeting on the Call Handler basics page or thier Main page.  Which is the recorded name so you will get the "Sorry" then the greeting plays because the system thinks you recorded a name "John Smith" I bet if you listen to the whole thing at the end it says "is not available"

If you are using Unity Connection (runs on linux) click on Edit--> Greetings then click on standard or closed depending on where you want the greeting.

In Unity (Windows Version) Search for the call handler then Click on the call handler and then on the left hand side click on greetings and then click standard or closed.

If you want it as your day greeting click on standard and then upload it there.  Same thing for closed.