unable to import pictures using myFInepix studio Version 4.0 (FUJIFILM)

Getting error 2 DM.C while launching My FinePix Studio 4.0 (FujiFilm).

I tried  by uninstalling and re-installing and  by changing compatibility mode, turned off UAC, updated all windows updates, hidden administrator account, system restore to earlier day which the application worked.

Windows 7 64 bit, camera model FinePix XP20 series.
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
My bad, I meant a SD card reader...

In any case, you can transfer images to PC using the USB cable and using Windows Explorer.

Double click the Computer icon on your desktop and you should see the camera there in the panel on the right. I knoe this doesn't solve the FinePix Studio 4.0 software problem, but at least you have access to you photos.

Also, you may have a SD card reader on your printer.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Does your PC have a SDF card reader?

Do you have a USB cable to connect your FinePix XP20 camera to your PC?

It may be a card error rather than a My FinePix Studio error.
OTSCCSAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have USB cable to connect FinePix XP20 camera.

And, while launching the My FinePix Studio 4.0 (FujiFilm) application getting error 2 DM.C

No, I doesn't have a SDF card reader.

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