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MS Project Compatibility Issues

I have an issue in MS Project Professional 2010 - and not using Server 2010. It occurs when I have saved as 2003-2007, made changes, and re-saved. (And, I have set the File-->Options-->Saving option to always save as the old version, and when I get asked at 'Auto Saves' if I want to save, I select "no" as dialog directs so that it saves in old version format.)
When I re-open my project (saved as 2003-2007 format), random tasks have "disappeared" leaving a blank row where they used to be - however, I always find them showing after the last task in the project plan. They won't have changed (if you had predecessors set even the start and stop dates are still as entered).  You just end up having to move them back up to the blank row.
I have not seen this problem when I leave in MS Proj 2010 format - only when I am saving to old versions of MS Project.
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As before ocurred with other programs from MS, this is not a bug, a feature instead.

2010 is closer to Excel than 2007, it is more excel like to format the "cells", probably the reason of the task name to disappear.I saw the task name to disappear, althought the task iteself remains there. In some cases, by clicking over the blank task name, it reappears... Was it "inactivated" by Project 2010, another new feature, then rebirth ny the user? Anyway, seems a interface bug, as the info are still there.

It often maintains the dates, despite the predecessors you define, because, when pasting, a constraint is set, something like "must begin in".

If the deafault is "Automatic" for new tasks and you paste some tasks, the customization of the new ones overwrites the default, turning them "Manual". Bad...
The formating is richer, but something like in Word, that paste the horrible calibri (wrong point size, bad distance between lettters) over the better arial, btw a ms invention to avoid the right helvetica.

And a blank line 3200 or greater is "inserted", despite your project to be only 1000 tasks long. Thos is another feature of 2010 wneh imports from 2007. Not always, I din't noticed a pattern.

You may want take a look at
Very bad... they insist in lauch imature products.
Also http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/officeappcompat/thread/562a90e9-6ca2-41fb-9173-978c55107fc5

Let me suggest to follow the MS Project Service Pack page
where there is a chance of some bugs to be fixed.

But, in overall, I like the benefits of new (real new) features, like the excel like column filtering. The proble, is that I am with a 1.5 year SAP project where all the licenses are 2007 and I had planned in 2010. When exchanging files between the teams and the managers, we had a disaster. Several remakes ultil my forced return back to 2007.

Seems that the new features are useful only if my clients buy 2010 for everybody or if I am the single user.

When this present project ends, probably I would be able to use 2010, but at that time version 2014 would be there and the cycle restarts...


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