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Excel dropdown list choice used in a formula

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Last Modified: 2012-08-23
Using Excel 2007.  Want to use a combobox on a worksheet for users to choose a month (January, etc.).  Their choice should be stored as a text variable "January" for use in an existing formula in the same worksheet.  The formula should execute when they make their choice from the list.  Can someone help me construct the solution using VBA?  I'm a newbie with VBA.

Thank you, experts!
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any particular reason you want to do this with VBA and a combo box? You could use Data Validation instead with a list of the 12 month names.

See attached.

cheers, teylyn


That works nicely, Teylyn.

But I'm afraid the workgroup who will be using this workbook have changed how they want this to work:  They want to rename a worksheet to the name of a month and use the updated name in this formula, which is on a different worksheet in the same workbook.


Said another way.  When they change then name of the July worksheet to August, the formula should change along with it.

Thanks, and apologies for changing the requirements.  I am open to a variety of methods.
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If a formula refers to a cell in another sheet and the sheet gets renamed, the formula will reflect the new sheet name.

If that is not working for you, please post a file with some examples.

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