Trojan Killer

Anybody know anything about Trojan Killer from Gridinsoft?
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Hi Mags,
I've never heard of it and the cNet user reviews aren't too impressive.
If I see it mentioned on any of the malware forums, I'll let you know what I read.

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
it is not well-known, and not freeware.

why don't try Windows Defender, the free anti-spyware solution of Microsoft??
Sudeep SharmaTechnical DesignerCommented:
Hi Mags,

If you would see the ratings which are on the same page you would see someother tools which are rated above it, including MBAM, RKill and Spybot Search and Destroy. So I would not go for it unless it prove better than those.

trojan Killer
Further at cost of $39.00 I would take MBAM Pro lifetime license.

That's my opinion though :)
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Best trojan killers:
Kaspersky's TDSSKiller
Symantecs FixTDSS Tool
ESET's Sirefef/ZeroAccess

Some newer nasties; though, embed themselves in numerous EXE files and become almost impossible to remove.
"Windows Defender"?

I Beta-tested that before it came out about 7-8 years ago and couldn't get it off my systems fast enough. It thoroughly trashed the basic OS functions of every system it was on.

Microsoft Security Essentials has been a great anti-malware product and (as Mags already knows) goes on every system I repair.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
It is a legit program.  As stated by some already.
However it hasn't had a proven track record yet.

There have been a some complaint, not many praises.

I however do not think it would be a wise decision to pay that much money for something which may or may not cure or clean your infections.

As stated by some, the alternatives are good.  Free on some.  Up to date, and some are even worth spending the money on, as they are tried and true.
@SSharma -
"Further at cost of $39.00 I would take MBAM Pro lifetime license."

Just as an FYI - I got an email alert today from "" and they're running a special on MBAM Pro (Lifetime) for US$12 (limit of 5/customer).

I've never seen it priced so low.
MagsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone...using it simply to diagnose not buy...seems to have found something on a computer I felt was clean...I will post a new question for your review.<br /><br />Darn Vic...I must have missed that's not showing any more.<br /><br /> Thanks again.
I have no connection with (other than being a long time customer), but I often recommend that IT pros sign up for their "Email Alerts".

They send out special discount/bargain "codes" every morning that are good for only 24 hours with amazing savings of stuff most of us are going to buy anyway.

Thanks for closing this one up so quickly and 'sharing the wealth' amongst the contributors.
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