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when someone sends doc as attachment from mac to pc, can it open?
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You can open all the documents send from mac to pc and from pc to mac.

All the documents are compatible with each other.
25112Author Commented:
the pc machine has win7 with office 2010..
25112Author Commented:
what is doc in mac called?ipage?
Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
It depends - there's office for Mac 2011 which needs to be purchased or most likely they are using Pages / iWork.

if they did not export it out as a pdf and sent it as .page extension, the user on the PC needs to rename the file from .page extension to a .zip

Using Winzip / Winrar, they can then unzip the .zip file and there's a folder called QuickLook.  Open the folder and the document should be in there.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Of course it depends on the format of the doc.

Anything created with MSOffice or OpenOffice is upward compatible on both OSs.

PDFs, GIFs, etc. should work as well. I've exchanged many formats Linux/Win with no problems as well.

Simply send the docs as email attachments or put them on SkyDrive (or anywhere in the 'cloud') and open with the other OS...
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