EasyBlog or Wordpress for Joomla 2.5 site

Hi Guys, I have a Joomla 2.5 website. I would like to integrate a blog. I have 2 options

EasyBlog - http://stackideas.com/easyblog.html
Wordpress - http://www.wordpress.com

I know wordpress is very Google friendly, popular, easy to use and free. EasyBlog is specifically built for Joomla, and about $70, can be accessed from the Joomla Admin. What do you think the best option to go with?

Thanks heaps
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A good solution is to use K2 with Joomla http://getk2.org/

Most Joomla users use the article & categories of Joomla to create their blog
they add extra plugins to add more features.

Some commercial components to add a blog to Joomla

Or maybe consider to switch your entire projet to Expression Engine http://expressionengine.com/

Of course if you plan to blog a lot you can use Wordpress but you will have to maintain 2 systems (lot of updates).
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
I can't believe there isn't a free module for Joomla to enable blog-like behavior. But if not, I would go with easy blog instead of running WordPress inside of a Joomla site.
There is also WordPress for Joomla from CorePHP www.corephp.com - similar costing I think. I have had limited experience with it but it seems to offer a WordPress user/blogger experience within a Joomla Admin framework.

Personally I would probably also consider a normal Joomla articles authoring approach with  an advanced comment option like Disqus.
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