Inserting new block & entering attribute data by selecting another block?

Is it possible, via whatever methods (lisp?) to be able to have a premade block with an attribute and insert it into a drawing then assign a value to it by selecting another existing block in the drawing and using one of its own attribute’s values?

For example, say I have a block representing a telephone and it had an attribute called "PhoneNo" and I inserted it into a drawing showing an office floor plan that had blocks in each office space that are telephone junction boxes with attributes "PhoneExtension".  I would like to be able to autocomplete the entering of the “PhoneNo” data by selecting one of the telephone junction boxes in the drawing and using its attribute’s value.

Does that make sense what I am trying to ask?  I wish to know if such a thing is possible.
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dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Yes, AutoCAD can do it.  Basically, AutoCAD can extract the data from a block attribute - store it in a text file - and insert the information in different block attribute.
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