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Office 365 - Outlook 2007 always prompting for credentials

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Last Modified: 2012-10-02
We setup Microsoft Office 365 on several computers using Outlook 2007.  We are experiencing issues where every time Outlook is opened a password prompt is popping up.  There is no check box to check off remember password.  I've scoured through Google and threw up my hands after none of the options worked for us.  Any ideas?
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project Lead
Top Expert 2013

Is it happening to all users or just few ?
Is Outlook upgraded to the Most recent SP ?
Have you check with Office365 guys if this is a compatible version to work with ?
Does the prompt comes multiple times a day or once or every time you log into the machine ?

- Rancy


Multiple times per day, all users, SP2 on Outlook 2007.  It is indeed compatible.
outlook 2007 and office 365 seem to be a bit buggy.  I havent seen this issue with outlook 2010 clients at all.  But theres only a few things to do other than upgrade to outlook 2010.

What 365 Plan do you have?

1. download the office365 sign in agent from the portal login under downloads on each users workstation and install it and instruct the agent to keep me signed in.  (Ive seen this fix a lot of issues)

2. Make sure the autodiscover record is in place in external dns and you can easily set up a new client just by entering there email and password.  (without the autodiscover record in place Ive seen a bunch of weird issues)

3.  After you download the sign in agent, if it still doesn't work right then recreate the outlook profile completely with the sign in agent installed.



I just went through the process of downloading the sign in agent and will keep this question open in case this does not work.

I also went through and made sure the DNS entries are correct, they are.

I'll keep this open for at least 2-3 more days.  Thanks!



What if the sign in download agent isn't loading on a Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OS?

I click on SET UP and it goes through this prompt saying checking settings and then does nothing.  I had this happen on one of the other PCs but eventually it went through and downloaded the sign in agent which alleviated the problem on that single PC.
thats an individual PC issue, its working on the other ones right?  So this fixed the issue, correct?


Yes pretty much. I'll narrow it down on the other one. Thanks. Points will be rewarded later this am.
This is an ongoing issue. Continuing on with Outlook 2010. From BPOS to 365.
Microsoft is aware of it but has no solution. They all seem to not know what is going on but they do!
All user's using Outlook get random credential windows poping up randomly.
Look at these URL's for more information. I have checked all these recommendations and there is no solution so far. I think it is Micosoft moving users' to different servers constantly.